Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PS01. Apply the knowledge of pharmaceutical and allied sciences in design, manufacture and evaluation of drug delivery systems of tablet, syrup, &all dosage forms of medications.
  • PSO2. To perform classical and modern analysis of APIs (Active pharmaceutical ingredients) and formulations in the quality control and enforce the quality assurance standards.
  • PSO3. To appreciate the mechanism of action of drugs including their kinetics and adverse drug reactions.
  • PSO4. To be able to do basic evaluation of bioactivity of drugs in in-silicon in vitro & in vivo models.
  • PSO5. To apply the knowledge of medicinal chemistry, natural drugs in drug design and synthesis.
  • PSO6. To know the importance of drugs derived from natural sources & Ayurvedic and herbal drug.
  • PSO7. To Act responsibly towards environment, follow ethical principles.
  • PSO8. To be able to comprehend, interpreted apply laws pertinent to spheres of pharmaceutical and allied domains.

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