Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • PO1. Domain Knowledge: Demonstrate comprehension of basic principles of pharmaceutical and Allie sciences in all pertinent scenarios. Exhibit skills associated with the profession of pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing practices and quality control.
  • PO2. Problem analysis: Use domain knowledge, analytical and critical thinking for solving problems and taking decisions during everyday practice in profession, industry and all work environments.
  • PO3. Research and Development: Exhibit knowledge from his major domain in problem identification, critical thinking, analysis and providing solutions to pharmaceutical and allied technology disciplines.
  • PO4. Modern tools usage: Demonstrate an ability to handle use various tools, apparatus, instrument, equipment or machinery pertinent to the pharmaceutical domain with practical knowledge on standard operating procedures and safety aspects.
  • PO5. The Pharmacist and Society: Use contextual knowledge informed reasoning to understand medical prescription, perform patient counseling. Recognize the necessity to engage in independent and Life-long learning.
  • PO6. Environment and sustainability: Demonstrate knowledge and responsibility while handling pharmaceutical techniques/ processes that have social and environmental impacts and promote sustainable development.
  • PO7. Communication: Communicate effectively with the pharmaceutical scientific community, workforce and with society at large, with abilities to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective presentations and documentation.
  • PO8. Individual and Team skills: Function effectively as an individual member or leader in different teams and multidisciplinary settings. Assume a participatory or lead role in an organization's planning and execution of transformational projects to enhance its prospects.
  • PO9. Ethics: Demonstrate exemplary professional, ethical, and legal behaviors in accordance with all drug, pharmaceutical, and pharmacy-related central, state laws and regulations.

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