Principal Message

Dear Students and All,

My dear present and future fellow stake holders of the Index Institute of Pharmacy, I am glad to share this opportunity to address you all.

After well established one Pharmacy College, Honrable Chairman Sir shows trust on me and gave the responsibilities to establish the new institute.

As a Founder Principal,
Now, I have been having the responsibility of heading and leading the Index Institute of Pharmacy. I have a fairly simple message to you all.

Take pride in the work you do and find fun and enjoyment in that work. Also, feel proud of the fact that each one of you, in your own small and big way are contributing to this exciting process of nation building. Index Institute of Pharmacy is committed to evolve a sustainable eco-system for the generation of new ideas. Let us all give our best. We all should be very proud that Index group has always been a step ahead and has been a trend setter in many of the emerging areas.

To sum-up, I can assure you, that once, you are a part of this Index Institute as a student admitted through our admission process or a faculty or a support staff, institute is committed to your well-fare and overall development and progress. It will explore all possible way to keep you happy, so that you can continue to contribute in the development of this Institute.

With best wishes,
Dr. Javed Khan Pathan,
M. Pharm, Ph.D.
Index Institute of Pharmacy,
Malwanchal University, Indore

Our University and Constituent Institutions