Course Outcomes

  • CO1. Understand the basics of different dosage forms, pharmaceutical incompatibilities and pharmaceutical calculations.
  • CO2. Understand formulation and evaluation of Pharmaceutical solution.
  • CO3. Distinguish the principles of complexation/ protein binding & to use them for calculations of drug release and stability constant.
  • CO4. Understand the knowledge to formulate, evaluate and label of tablets and capsules.
  • CO5. Apply the knowledge of chemical kinetics in drugs stability.
  • CO6. Understand solubility of drugs, diffusion principles, phase rule and applications of distribution law
  • CO7. Study of sterile formulations (GMP, Small volume parental, Large volume parental).
  • CO8. Study of Modified Drug Release Systems, Polymers and Novel drug delivery systems.
  • CO9. Study of microencapsulation & its applications.
  • CO10. Study of evaluation of marketed preparations & techniques of optimization.

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