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Event / Activity Chronological Timeline
Date(s) of Event(s)
Department of Pharmacy Exam 2019-20 2019-20
International Language Day 21st February, 2020
Anveshan, Bhopal 06th & 07th February, 2020
BM College Seminar 06th February, 2020
CDGI College 01st February, 2020
Modern College 01st February, 2020
Republic Day 26th January, 2020
Industry Visit 24th January, 2019
Pharmacy Week 2019
Induction Programme 2019
Final Cultural Activity, 2019 25th to 28th November, 2019
Student Induction Program 14th to 17th October, 2019
Gandhi Jayanti 02nd October, 2019
World Pharmacist Day 25th September, 2019
Teacher's Day 05th September, 2019
Ganesh Chaturthi 02nd September, 2019
Workshop on ICT Tools for Teaching Learning Process at Dr. APJ University 30th August - 31st August, 2019
Tree Plantation 16th August, 2019
Workshop on Research Based Pedagogical tools at Oriental University 26th June - 28th June, 2019
Yoga Day 21st June, 2019
World Environment Day 06th June, 2019
Loksabha Voting Appeal 16th May, 2019
Blood Donation 04th May, 2019
Herbal Garden Visit 26th April, 2019
Padho Malwanchal 20th March, 2019
International Language Day 26th February, 2019
Honorable Vice President - PCI 17th December, 2018
Cultural Events 08th December, 2018
Rajya Sabha Voting Appeal 17th November, 2018
Diwali Celebration 06th November, 2018
Pharmacy Week Celebration 22nd October, 2018 - 27th October, 2018
Gandhi Jayanti 09th October, 2018
World Pharmacist Day 25th September, 2018
Swacchta Abhiyan 22nd September, 2018 - 23rd September, 2018
Teacher's Day 05th September, 2018
Yoga Day 21st June, 2018
World Environment Day 05th June, 2018
VC Sir Visit 19th April, 2018
Visit to Health Care Center 16th April, 2018
Dr. Sumeet Motivation Lecture 22nd January, 2018
National Unity Day 31st October, 2017
Pharmacy Week 23rd October, 2017 -
25th October, 2017
Swacchta Abhiyan 02nd October, 2017
World Pharmacist Day 25th September, 2017