Common Activities / Events of Malwanchal University

Peepal Tree Plantation (Guru Poornima)

17th July, 2019

With the inspiration of H.E. Governor, a programme of tree plantation was organized in Malwanchal University, Indore campus. A special drive for the plantation of "Peepal Trees" was carried out on the auspicious occasion of "Guru Poornima".
The Peepal tree is known for its capacity to generate oxygen round the clock.

Padho Malwanchal

06th March, 2019

H.E. The Governor of Madhya Pradesh who is also the Visitor of Malwanchal University had given instructions in the meeting of the Vice-Chancellors in Raj Bhavan that every University should organize programme of “Padho” for the students. The Governor described the success of “Padho Bhopal” and exhorted other Universities to emulate this example.
We, in this University have organized a programme of “Padho Malwanchal” on 06th March,2019. The students were encouraged to bring any book of their choice and read in a common place. The idea was to inculcate the habit of reading among students.

A Humanitarian Project for Children afflicted with Tuberculosis

June to December, 2018

Malwanchal University has finished a project in Jun-Dec, 2018 for the treatment of children afflicted with tuberculosis. H.E., The Governor, Madhya Pradesh, Smt. Anandiben Patel herself motivated and supervised this project. The project was in the light of the desire of this University to contribute to social causes. These paediatric tuberculosis patients were from the poorest strata of society. Our many teams of volunteers visited these children at their homes and ensured their continuous medication and nutrition. with sustained efforts, these poor children have regained their health and we wish them to become responsible and healthy citizens.

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