Department of Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences


Physiotherapy means modern physiotherapeutic system of medicine and it includes: Examination, treatment, advice and instruction to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder/disability, healing and pain from injury, diseases, physical and mental conditions using physical agent, activities and devices including exercises, mobilization manipulation and electrotherapy for diagnosis, prevention and treatment. This is with the global aim of improving functional independence.
Physiotherapy is one of the popular course in modern medicine world over and through the academic era is spread over decades. Physiotherapy is health caring profession, which views human movements as central to the health and well being of individuals. The core skills used by Physiotherapy include manual therapy, therapeutics exercise and the application of electro therapeutic modalities.
The graduation curriculum in physiotherapy for four years followed by six months internship (4½ years) BPT will provide the basis for entry into professional physiotherapy practice. The graduates are prepared with necessary and thorough base to practice in variety of settings including government and private hospitals, old age homes, gymnasiums, clinics, fitness centres, industrial area, and areas of sports. They also have the opportunity to start with their own private clinic. The program also emphasizes on leadership roles as well as team work effort to provide best treatment and care for individual.


Physiotherapist are employed in all general hospitals and also in specialty and super specialty hospitals run by the government and non-government organizations, with a role also in critical care, early intervention programs with the national health delivery system, emphasizing community based rehabilitation. Physiotherapists are also working at district levels and community health centers and will be engaged in primary health Centers in near future.
Today majority of Physiotherapists are engaged in Private Practice in poly clinics or their own clinics and carry out referral as well as first contact practice.
Foreign employment and professional up-gradation program are accessible to qualified physiotherapists.
The postgraduate physiotherapists are now in demand from various corporate hospitals they can also opt for research and development works in the institutional setups. They can select the teaching option in various government and private institutions also.


To be recognized internationally in the areas of physiotherapy education, research and patient care, based on culture of excellence and driven by professional focus.


  • To provide quality patient care to all the sections of the society, based on our strong commitment to practice, education, research, innovation and collaboration.
  • To provide career-oriented educational programs with the goal of producing innovative, creative & highly skilled physiotherapy graduates .
  • To inculcate the spirit of ethical, moral & quality research in the students.
The ultimate goal of college is to prepare physiotherapists,who are good clinical analysers, life long learners and are able to practice as excellent therapist in variety of health care delivery systems such as primary ,secondary and tertiary systems

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Dr. Reshma Khurana
Index City,
Nemawar Road, NH-59A,
Indore, M.P. - 452016
Mobile : 9755008280
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Eligibility Criteria for Admission

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Affiliation and Permission

Antiragging Committee

Sl.No. Name Designation in Committee Mobile No.
1. Dr. Reshma Khurana Chairperson 9755008280
2. Mr. R.S. Ranawat Member 9425082585
3. Town Inspector, Khudel Member
4. Dr. G.S. Agnihotri Member 9425958049
5. Mr. R.C. Yadav Member 9893312395
6. Mrs. Vandana Bhadoria,
Chief Warden, Girls Hostel
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7. Mr. Pawan Kumar Samadhiya,
Chief Warden,
Boys Hostel
Member 7024107430
8. Dr. Ravindra Kolhe Member 8817758577

Student Grievances Redressal Committee:

Sl.No. Name Designation in Committee Mobile No.
1. Dr. Reshma Khurana Chairperson 9755008280
2. Dr. G.P. Pal Member 9425496354
3. Dr. Manila Jain Member 9826959336
4. Dr. Ravindra Kolhe Member 8817758577

Fee Structure

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